A subsidiary of The Pirate's Place, Inc.
(formerly jist known as Marina Cove)

595 Marina Parkway
Pickensville, AL
(formerly Carrolton, AL)
(205) 373-6701

Or call me at Pirate's Yacht Sales (205) 373-6714 (After 8:00 P.M.)

Ahoy Mate, the Ole Pirate invites ye to dock with 'im at Pirate's Cove Marina in Pickensville, AL jist outside of the Tom Bevill Lock and Dam. We're at MM 307.4 on the Tenn-Tom Waterway. Cove and channel depth 9'. Ye don't need ter have the Davies or the Joneseys, 'er ter be lily-livered cos we be Gentlemen o' fortune and we won't hornswaggle ye. And ye don't have ter have a treasure chest full of Doubloons to stay with us. Our rates 'er better'n Grog. So come on down mate and park yer bones with the Pirate. Go on back up ter the top o' th' page and click on th' button fer rates and ye'll dance a jig at how few coins ye'll 'ave ter throw down ter stay with us.

The ole Pirate 'as big plans fer this 'ere spot and it'll be yer favorite Port O' Call afore long.

Transients are more than welcome.

We take