Yep, the hook is real, the eyepatch is real and don't worry, I know NOW not to scratch me eye with me left hand (Woops-I mean me left hook!)
Pardon the pun.

Welcome To
The Pirates Place. The Ole Pirate has it all. We can dock yer boat, sell ye a boat, fix yer boat, give ye a place to park yer RV, sell ye marine supplies.

The Pirate now has his own domain. It'll be a lot easier to find me now.  No more goin' to the search engines. Jist type in these little words, www.thepiratesplace.com and ye'll be here.

Now, all you scalawags climb aboard, draw yerself a mug o' ale and sit a spell. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Aye, the ole pirate is here to help ye, just like always.  If yer lookin' fer a boat, jist let me know and I'll scour the high seas (and the low ones too-HAR) to find the treasure yer hankerin' fer.

On me next page ye'll find links to all kinds of places on the ole Pirate's site and some that'll lead ye to some other good treasures. I got some other bounty hid out in some of me treasure chests too that I'll share with ye a bit later. Now, go on through the passage below and git on to the links that are already available to ye. The bottom hinge is a might loose but don't worry…it won't fall on ye. Jist go on through.

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